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511 HP to kW

Welcome to 511 hp to kW, our post covering the conversion of 511 horsepower to kilowatts.

511 horsepower usually mean 511 mechanical hp or 511 metric hp, used, for example, to describe the power of cars in the US (converter default), respectively Europe.

However, it could also mean 511 electric hp or 511 boiler hp.

What’s more is that in case of electric horsepower the equivalent of 511 hp in kilowatts in the US slightly differs from the result of the conversion in Europe.



Note that you may overwrite 511 with another value, then make your choice in the drop-down menu, or proceed with the preselect unit hp(I) explained right below.

Read on to learn how to convert the work over time, taking into account the following short forms:

  • 511 mechanical hp, aka 511 imperial hp, are denoted as 511 hp(I)
  • 511 metric hp in short form is 511 hp(M)
  • 511 electric hp in the US are abbreviated as 511 hp(E) US
  • 511 electric hp in Europe in shortened form is 511 hp(E) Europe
  • 511 boiler hp in symbols are either 511 hp(S), or 511 bhp

511 horsepower in the context of US cars mean mechanical horsepower, hp(I), whereas 511 horsepower in the context of automobiles in Europe mean metric horsepower, hp(M).

511 HP to kW Conversion and Formulas

Here we use the formulas explained on our home page to obtain the following results which are rounded to two decimals:

  • hp(I): [kW] = [511] × 0.74569987158227022 = 381.05 kW
  • hp(M): [kW] = [511] × 0.73549875 = 375.84 kW
  • hp(E) US: [kW] = [511] × 0.746 = 381.21 kW
  • hp(E) Europe: [kW] = [511] × 0.735 = 375.59 kW
  • hp(S): [kW] = [511] × 9.810657 = 5013.25 kW

Instead of employing a calculator, we recommend using our power converter above.

Here you can find all information related to 511 kW to hp.

In the next part of our post you can learn about the conversion of 511 hp to watts.

511 Horsepower to Kilowatts

Reading so far, you already know how to change 511 horsepower to kilowatt for all definitions and types of hp. But what about 511 hp to watts?

A kilowatt is a multiple of the unit of power watt. One kilowatt is 103 watts (W).

Thus, to convert 511 hp to watts use the formulas or our converter, and then multiply the result by 1000.

If something about the 511 horsepower conversion needs clarification, then use the comment form.

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511 HP to kW Summary

You have reached the last part of our article.

Right below you can find the wrap-up of this post, followed by the explanation of our search form located in the sidebar.

511 hp =

  • 381.05 kW for mechanical hp
  • 375.84 kW for metric hp
  • 381.21 kW for electric hp US
  • 375.59 kW for electric hp Europe
  • 5013.25 kW for boiler hp

Except for boiler hp, you may use the approximation kW = 3/4 × 511 hp.

This rule of thumb is often accurate enough.

And for 511 air or hydraulic horsepower, use hp(I).

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– Article written by Mark, last updated on December 19th, 2023