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Our horsepower to kilowatts category is made up of thousands of hp to kW conversions for a specific power in hp. In each article you can find the result of the particular horsepower conversion for inputs in mechanical, metric, imperial, electric as well as boiler hp. You will also learn how to change hydraulic hp and air hp to kW. All with details on the differences of the hp units in Europe and the US. In every post we also reason about the FAQs in the context of x horsepower to kilowatts. Do we have to mention that you can leave a feedback and pose question on a per conversion level? Also, you can always find a link to the inverse operation, x kW to hp. Besides the details on where to find further information on our website, we also tell you why our custom search form is so useful. Last, but not least, every post contains a hp to kw converter you don’t want to miss.